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New Distributor and Installation Site For Link

Springfield Coach Group and Link Mfg. are proud to announce that SCG is now a distributor and installation site for all funeral products manufactured by Link.  SCG also offers the SS150 Single Deck System as standard equipment on all first call vehicles at no extra charge.  Both companies are proud members of NFDA offering approved products of Mercedes Benz.   For more information check out or visit

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Learn About the New DD2000-XLC Double-Deck System at the 2019 NFDA Convention

We’re exactly one month away from the 2019 NFDA Convention & Expo in Chicago. Billed as the world’s largest funeral industry event, professionals from around the United States and abroad will gather for a series of keynote speakers, education sessions and an exclusive preview of the products and services they need to grow their business in the coming years.

The team at Link CMP is busy gearing up for the show and you can find us in in Booth 1433 near the NFDA Tailgate Exchange in the middle of the exhibit hall. Along with our SS150 Single Deck, flower carts and casket truck showroom system, we’ll be talking to attendees about our latest innovation that will improve their productivity, the DD2000-XLC.

Learn About the DD200-XLC at the 2019 NFDA Convention

While it’s a sensitive subject to talk about, the growing obesity rate in America is one of the fundamental issues facing funeral service providers and mortuary professionals. The DD200-XLC was developed in response to customer feedback and requests for a larger deck system. It’s the industry’s first double-deck system, as well as the first capable of accommodating today’s oversized cots. The DD2200-XLC fits inside most of today’s popular cargo vans and can either accommodate:

  • One standard and one oversized cot or cremation container on each of its two levels.
  • Or four standard cots, four cremation containers, two air trays or two caskets when fully loaded.

The electric-powered upper deck can be raised and lowered with the flip of a switch, allowing one person to easily load, transport and unload. You can read more about this new innovation and the vehicles its suited for in our official announcement.

If you’re attending the 2019 NFDA Convention I hope you’ll stop by to say hello, learn more about how our products can improve your productivity, or discuss the challenges you’re looking to overcome. We value that feedback and use it to solve your challenges. If you would like to schedule a meeting with myself or Ryan DeWit at the show, please let me know.

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Link’s Wider DD2000-XLC Double-Deck System Bringing a New Level of Professionalism, Convenience and Capacity to Transporting Remains

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa, USA — Link CMP, the leader in professional human remains transportation technology, today introduced its new DD2000-XLC Double-Deck System. The newest in Link’s long line of innovative transport products, the DD2000-XLC doubles the carrying capacity of the cargo vans it is designed to supplement.

A direct response to customer feedback, the DD2000-XLC is the industry’s first double-deck system and the first capable of accommodating today’s ubiquitous oversized cots. The system will allow loading of one standard and one oversized cot or cremation container on each of its two levels, or four standard cots, four cremation containers, two air trays or two caskets when fully loaded.

“Link’s DD2000-XLC increases worker and vehicle efficiency, effectiveness and productivity by maximizing capacity while minimizing labor and mileage costs,” said Lynn Blake, national account manager CMP products for Link Manufacturing. “As a practical matter, end-users across the nation asked us to address their ever-increasing need to transport oversized cots.”

The DD2000-XLC Double-Deck System features an electric-powered upper deck that can be raised and lowered in seconds with just the flip of a switch, allowing one person to easily load, transport and unload – with the utmost respect and care – all unassisted. The upper deck has a 600-pound load capacity, and is engineered with a reinforced frame and simplified lifting geometry. The upper deck includes an integrated safety latch that locks it in place, preventing it from lowering if both its powered actuators fail.

Loading cots, cremation containers, air trays and caskets is made easier with the system’s intelligently engineered features. A rugged fold-down ramp protects the rear of the vehicle and allows easy access to the decks. Interchangeable and adjustable bier pins enable a single worker to stow, secure and manage different containment formats on both decks. The decks are also fitted with recessed, cast-aluminum cot cups that help assure container stability and peace-of-mind during transport.

“Link created the industry’s first engineered professional transportation solution for human remains and over the last few years, we’ve been engaged in a voice-of the-customer initiative that has established the parameters for our new system design,” said Blake. “The DD2000-XLCDouble-Deck System not only broadens our offering, it literally delivers what the industry has been asking for.”

An engineered deck frame maintains structural integrity during all phases of loading, transport and unloading. The system’s durable, but lightweight all-aluminum decks are fitted with ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene strips that protect their surfaces and minimize friction, allowing containers to easily glide for smooth and effortless container positioning.

The DD2000-XLC Double-Deck System is purpose-designed and helps users meet and maintain the highest standards of professionalism and integrity while carrying out their duties. The system is designed to fit today’s most popular cargo van makes and models, including: Chevy Express, Dodge ProMaster, Ford Econoline, Ford Transit, Nissan NV and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

The DD2000-XLC weighs a mere 750 pounds and fits vehicles with a minimum wheelbase of 140 inches. The system is compatible with 12-volt electrical systems, and professional installation is required.

For details on purchasing and installation of the new DD2000-XLC Double-Deck System, please call (800) 248-3057

To access high-resolution images of the DD2000-XLC Double-Deck System, please visit

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About Link CMP

A division of Link MFG., Ltd., Link CMP develops and manufactures an extensive line of transport deck systems to address the unique needs of mortuaries, funeral homes, crematoriums, cemeteries, coroners, medical examiners, morgues, donor programs, medical institutions and the U.S. military. Link is a American-based, ISO 14001: 2015 (EMS) certified company. Link CMP is a worldwide leader in manufacturing deck systems for SUV, cargo van, minivans and coach vehicles.

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Showcasing Products that Add Safety and Efficiency to Funeral Home Operations at the 2018 NFDA Convention

In a few short days a small team and I from Link are heading to Salt Lake City, Utah for the 2018  NFDA Convention. This continues to be the marquee event for the funeral industry, offering professionals and suppliers from around the world an opportunity to learn about the latest trends, see the latest in funeral service products, and network with thousands of attendees. This will be the first time in the six years I’ve been with Link that the event will be held west of the Mississippi, which I expect will bring new visitors from the West Coast that may not have been able to make past events.

While some may view the funeral industry as very traditional, it’s been fascinating to witness some of the trends that have transformed it in recent years. This includes a continued emphasis on cremation rather than burial services, and more women entering the profession. We are also seeing funeral homes reshaping their business models to become more all-encompassing event sites that host weddings, family gatherings and other large celebrations. What hasn’t changed is the fact funeral professionals need products that make them more efficient and more professional.

Products to Improve Efficiency Showcased at 2018 NFDA Convention

That’s where Link’s products come into play. At Booth #913 you can see our most innovative products, including the extremely popular SS150XL Single Deck system,  Flower Cart systems and Casket Truck systems. The SS150XL is so popular because of its utility. It fits in most minivans, full size vans, and SUVs and allows one casket, two standard air trays, or two stretchers to be transported safely and efficiently by one person. Our engineering team is also in the process of reconfiguring our Double Deck systems to accommodate larger cots and air trays, reducing the number of trips and keeping cargo secure. We also offer a variety of specialty products and accessories to make your operations more effective.

If you’re attending the NFDA Convention, please stop by to discuss how we can put our 20 years of experience to work to make your business safer and more efficient, while adding a sophisticated, professional touch. Talk to our engineer about what products and tools you need to enhance your operations. If you would like to schedule a specific time to meet, please let me know.

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How Link CMP Can Help the New Face of the Funeral Profession

I just got back from the 2017 National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) International Convention & Expo, where Link featured our extensive line of Cargo Management Products (CMP) that funeral and mortuary industry professionals have relied on for decades to streamline their operations. Each year the NFDA provides us with the opportunity to collaborate with customers, find solutions to their challenges and discuss trends that are reshaping the industry.

Funeral service has traditionally been a male-dominated and “family” profession, with businesses being passed down from one generation to the next. In 2015, the NFDA released a report bucking both of those trends; stating 60% of mortuary science students were currently female and most graduates do not have family members working in funeral service industry. That was reflected in the faces of the crowd that roamed the exhibit hall at this year’s NFDA.

Many of the women entering the industry indicate they have the necessary traits to be a successful funeral director, particularly strong organization and event-planning skills to go along with communications skills, compassion, and a desire to comfort those coping with the loss of a loved one.

Many Link CMP products are designed with the sole purpose of increasing efficiency, allowing these professionals’ organizational and event-planning skills to shine. Our flower handling systems can move anywhere from five to twenty arrangements (depending on size) from one event space to the next, a job that would traditionally take multiple people-or multiple trips-to execute. Our single and double deck transportation systems help save numerous trips by allowing for multiple stretchers, air trays or caskets to fit inside a vehicle and be transported safely and securely. And our casket truck and drape systems create a professional and mobile option for conducting memorial services in multiple locations as needed.

One request we heard from a number of attendees at the NFDA Convention was a need for larger deck and ramp systems. Exploring ways to widen our decks is just one of the ways Link CMP will continue to adjust to new trends and the changing landscape of this industry.

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The 2015 National Funeral Directors Association Convention & Expo Recap – What’s New in Solutions for the Funeral Market

Last week I traveled to Indianapolis along with my colleagues Rick Schouten and Greg Elliott for the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Convention & Expo, billed as the world’s largest event for funeral related products and services. The convention featured more than 350 exhibitors, and over 3500 attendees from as far away as Nigeria, presenting the latest in technology and innovative solutions for the funeral services industry.

Link has attended the NFDA Convention & Expo for more than 20 years, showcasing our mortuary and funeral services equipment while providing us the opportunity to speak face-to-face with our customers and gain insights into how to improve existing products and develop new innovations to meet the changing dynamics of the industry.

Important Trends at 2015 NFDA Convention & Expo

A few key trends impacting the mortuary and funeral services industry were evident from speaking to attendees. Perhaps the biggest is an increasing demand for cremation services, particularly in Canada, where it currently accounts for approximately 65% of funeral services and continues to grow in popularity. To account for this shift, funeral directors are modifying their operations to offer a wider variety of alternative services such as memorial services and celebration of life ceremonies.

Another prominent trend is the increasing size of containers and air trays to accommodate larger decedents. As the need for larger funeral equipment continues to grow, our challenge is to help customers modify existing equipment and increase the size of our current product line to account for varying vehicle applications.

Funeral directors are also seeing more multiple removals, transfers and pickups for funeral services. With these trends in mind, it offered us a chance to focus on how our latest line of products can help overcome many of these challenges.

What Our Customers Were Saying

It’s always rewarding to get positive feedback, and we had many great conversations with existing customers. In many cases, our current customers are our best sales people, as they are often able to explain certain nuances of how they use our products in ways only those other funeral directors and staff can fully relate to. They also appreciate how our products aren’t designed for obsolescence, and in many situations our deck systems can be transferred to newer vehicles they have purchased or leased. And while other manufacturers offer entire vehicle packages and expensive vehicle conversions, Link is able to provide budget friendly and economy-size solutions.

What’s Next for Link

The 2015 NFDA Convention & Expo was a great experience and we came away with many ideas for new product designs or modifications to our existing equipment. For example, we expect to have a new deck available in the near future for the Mercedes Metris.

If you would like to learn more about our solutions for the funeral industry, you can visit or email me with any question you may have. Otherwise, we hope to see you at next year’s event in Philadelphia.

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SR-75 Installed on New 2015 Chevy Suburban

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa—December 10, 2014—The Link SR-75 mini-deck system, an industry leader in effortless stretcher transport, now works seamlessly with the redesigned 2015 Chevy Suburban. The SR-75 utilizes the Suburban’s new cargo cover fasteners for quick installation with no drilling required. And the fold-flat rear seating of the 2015 Chevy Suburban is the perfect compliment to the SR-75 – allowing even smoother loading and unloading.

The unique design of the Link SR-75 provides added professionalism and convenience. The custom-molded ramp ensures the bumper is always protected during loading and unloading, yet also easily hinges up and out of the way when the rear door is closed. The precise deck positioning allows the second row seats to be fully accessible while the system is in place. And for added security, the recessed cot cups control the stretcher movement while in transit.

Link’s installation partner for the SR-75 was Oolman Funeral Homes of Orange City, IA.

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About Link CMP

A division of Link MFG., Ltd., Link CMP develops and manufactures an extensive line of transport deck systems to address the unique needs of mortuaries, funeral homes, crematoriums, cemeteries, coroners, medical examiners, morgues, donor programs, medical institutions and the U.S. military. Link is a American-based, ISO 14001: 2015 (EMS) certified company. Link CMP is a worldwide leader in manufacturing deck systems for SUV, cargo van, minivans and coach vehicles.