Extending Cargo Van Capacity

The DD4000 Casket Transporter incorporates several distinctive features. The two engineered decks allow four caskets to be transported safely and efficiently by one person.

The powered upper deck tilts up and down in seconds, allowing one person to easily load and transport caskets. Interchangeable and adjustable bier pins allow you to manage different casket sizes on both decks for nearly any job.

Robust features like a powder coated frame, rugged casket bumper arms and engineered deck frame help create the most reliable and durable deck system in the industry. These key features will not only raise your expectations but improve your professional integrity.


  • Capacity

    Doubles Capacity

    Link’s deck system doubles the size of your cargo van by effectively utilizing the full capacity on the space with 4 casket carrying capability.

  • Powered Upper Deck

    Powered Upper Deck

    The upper deck tilts up and down within seconds, allowing one person to easily load and transport caskets.

  • 600lb Capacity

    600 lb. Capacity on Upper Deck

    A reinforced frame with simplified lifting geometry creates a durable deck system.

  • Bumper Arms

    Rugged Casket Bumper Arms

    High-impact casket bumper arms protect the rear of the vehicle as well as assist in loading and unloading caskets onto casket trucks.

  • Manuverability

    Valuable Maneuverability

    Our deck system requires minimal lifting, adding safety to transporting, reducing on the job injuries.

  • Glide Strips

    Durable Glide Strips

    Make loading caskets much easier along with protecting the casket and surfaces it comes in contact with.



Note: The upper deck has a maximum load width of 61 inches and a maximum load length of 91.75 inches.

Product Codes

Warning: Link products must be professionally installed by a trained technician when being placed into an Electric Vehicle (EV). Electric Vehicles have higher voltage batteries and cables and drilling into Electric Vehicles may cause serious bodily harm and possibly death. Link is not responsible for optional configurations or equipment that restrict the installation of this product in any way. Consult OEM body builder guides for additional installation guidelines.

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The DD2000-XLC is an engineered double deck system that incorporates the capability to secure a standard and oversized cot side-by-side. The system allows four cremation containers, four cots, two air trays, or two caskets to be transported safely by one person. Combined with a powered upper deck, the DD2000-XLC is one of the most reliable and durable deck systems in the industry.

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